Like A Magician... But Different

Robb Riddel is definitely magical, but not a magician. A magician can make a coin disappear but Robb can read your mind. A magician can find your card but Robb knows what card you'll pick before you even do it. Unlike a magician, Robb can hypnotize an entire crowd in seconds. But don't worry... he only uses his powers for good, like making your next event fun and memorable!

Robb is a mind reader, technically known as a "mentalist"... yes, a magician of sorts, but one that uses tricks of the mind rather than sleight of hand. His performances leave people speechless. You'll have no idea how he does it... just that it's a lot of fun to experience.

If you want to elevate your next event with something different, something unexpected, something extraordinary... book Robb!

Robb Riddel is the perfect entertainment choice for your
banquet, convention, fundraiser or campus event.